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Rose Ballet fitness studios
Ballet, Stretching, Pilates sessions for women
of any age and training background

No age restrictions:
from 16 and older
Coaches with 10+ years
of experience
Caring attitude
World-class studio
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What is the difference between
our program and regular fitness?

  • Intensity
  • Feminine energy increase
  • Classical music
  • Achievement
  • Community

Our workout routines are more balanced than
debilitating activities that cause soreness and harm
female bodies. Ballet implies correct body weight work
and consideration of human biomechanics.

Ballet awakens the most powerful feminine energy
than any other kind of sport as it shows the beauty
of a strong and flexible body moving to music in a graceful
manner. It is no secret that ballerinas have always been
considered Models of Elegance.

No other place will show you how dancing to
a classical music can be fun and enjoyable. It
definitely has an excellent effect on mental health
serving as a relaxation tool.

Not only will you improve your physical state, lose
weight, and correct your posture, but also perform
the whole choreography, stand on pointe shoes,
and do splits.

Surrounding oneself with like-minded people who
share the same values lighten mood and make your
hobby a special experience.

Super body
Dynamic stretching
Ballerina's posture
Individual classes
Staging of the dance

From a trial session to a
big stage in 6 months

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Why do people choose us?

Why do people choose us?

Rose Ballet teachers’ professionalism will satisfy the needs of any rigorous student. We do not accept hack work. Ballet is a complex system in which every detail is of great importance. Our studio ensures safety of exercising and correct approach.
We proved our professionalism in teaching ballet since our students have been achieving notable results through pleasure and inspiration for 6 years now.
Aesthetically pleasing studios
Feel the presence of art in each and every studio. Founders of Rose ballet together with the designers developed an authentic concept meant to inspire you for dreams realisation.
You will see results just in a month of constant training! And it might even lead you to a big stage as a performer in almost half a year. Imagine inviting your close ones to your own performance staged by help of professionals? Isn’t that breathtaking?

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